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Rick Ellis got into the industry following what he called a New Year’s Eve “light bulb moment.” As 1985 was hours away from coming to a close, a group was gathered around a large conference table in a law firm, wrapping up the sale of the radio stations he had spent years building.

“I remember it like it was yesterday”, he said. “We were going through a pile of documents and when we got to the check for the broker who assisted in the sale, I paused and looked at that check for a long moment. I thought — wow; that’s a lot of money– especially since I had done much of the work that led to the deal.” He thought about that moment for weeks into the new year and finally came to the conclusion that he should be in the industry.

For the next 18-years he ran one of the most successful brokerage companies in Atlanta, focusing on transitioning larger companies and commercial real estate. He successfully sold his company in 2004 and has remained in the industry having completed more than 1,500 business sales as well as hundreds of affiliation and franchised transactions.

Rick has been with Realogy since 2013 in Mergers and Acquisitions, franchising and recruiting. He is Vice President with The Corcoran Group®, Realogy’s New York-based prestige and premium brokerage. He assists growth-oriented companies in accelerating their growth and building market share through the Corcoran® brand as well as assisting real estate company owners with expansion and/or exit strategies.

“I’m constantly amazed at the number of brokers I meet who would like to explore different options with their real estate brokerages but don’t have a strategy or plan for doing so. My role is to help the brokerage owner find the options that make the most sense.”

Rick has an MBA in Digital Technology and is a licensed real estate broker. He is a regular speaker at real estate industry events. Rick and his wife live on the Georgia coast on St. Simons Island. He is available for consultation with brokers who are looking for options.


The views expressed are the personal views of Rick Ellis do not represent the views of The Corcoran Group or Realogy.


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